PeopleNTech is a USA based IT training and software solution provider company. Although it debuted as a staffing company in the USA in 2005, it is now successfully operating as an IT training, job placement and software solution service provider in Bangladesh, Canada, India and the USA.


Our main goal is to bring all the traditional businesses of the country in the light of digitalization. We give all kinds of technical support to the ongoing process of an organization or an individual's idea.


Making all kinds of businesses modern by digitizing them. So that they can advance themselves in the midst of any competition and adversity.


Our main strength is our team of experts. Those who have expanded and broadened their knowledge through multifaceted work during their long career in this sector. Now they are always ready to take any challenge


We believe that a good relationship with the customer is a measure of our success. Every client is equally important to us. Their feedback is like a certificate to us which helps us to review our standards.


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